| Fully integrated wireless sound system
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Fully integrated wireless sound system

The active sound system consists of two snail shaped cabinets fitted with all drivers. For a very elegant and modern look with no visible external screws the base of each speaker is CNC machined out of “first grade” solid aluminium.


  • 24dB/octave active crossovers
  •  Digital to Analogue converter (DAC)
  • Digital inputs:
1 x USB HD with DSD 128 decoding, 44.1 kHz to 384kHz PCM, 16-32-bit
  • 1x Optical
  • 1x Coaxial 44.1 kHz/384kHz-ready, 16-32-bit
  • If preferred, the system can also be analogue hardwired RCA or XLR
  • Three separate active amplifiers, each matched to relevant driver
  •  Only one cable from each speaker to the mains is required.
  • All functions including volume are directly wireless controlled from any computer, laptop, iPad etc.
  • The system switches on automatically on receipt of a music signal from any source and switches off automatically after no music signal has been received for ten minutes.


For decades little has changed in speaker cabinet design and the materials to construct them. Virtually all speaker cabinets to date are made of wood, a composite of many cell types and molecular structures: These resonate mainly between 50 and 400Hz exactly in the working area of all low frequency drivers where the pressure is highest. This unavoidably causes cabinet resonance and distortion. That, plus the obvious difficulty of shaping a complex form from wood, inspired us to seek a novel solution for optimum performance.
After extensive research and noting the imperfect characteristics of wood we designed Amati R&D custom made composite material. This combined with our moulding technique provides the perfect resonance free and acoustically correct result.

Inspired by   nature   we designed the “snail shape shell/cochlea-shape” housing, a perfect structure that deals with the complexity of sound waves at different frequencies.

In the snail shape design, no one side is exactly parallel to another, changing the internal shape all the time. This makes the structure extremely strong, resonance free and avoids standing waves unlike any other man-made shape or construction. A huge internal volume of 100-litres is essential to reproduce frequencies down to 28Hz to produce extra-ordinary bass, whilst keeping the design elegant.

Each system is custom-made and therefore can be adjusted to clients’ specifications. For any more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.
For general information and sales
For technical information

Technical specification per active unit

  • Cabinet construction: Moulding techniques “Amati R&D”
  • Cabinet material: Composite, designed by “Amati R&D”
  • Three active amplifiers, 1 x 400 Watt 2 x 200 Watt (each unit)
  • Woofer: 260 mm Custom made “Audio Technology Denmark”
  • Midrange: 180mm Custom made “Audio Technology Denmark”
  • Tweeter: Beryllium “Scan Speak” with adjusted wave-guide
  • Driver mounting rings: CNC machined out of “first grade”
    solid aluminum blocks
  • Cabinet color: Client specification, any colour: car showroom finish
  • Dimensions: H 1100mm D 800mm W 350mm (incl. base)
  • Weight: 130 Kg (each unit)

Each integrated sound-system comes with two-year full guarantee